Subscribing to podcasts

You can use the "news aggregator" Bloglines to keep track of new podcasts, blog entries and news stories as soon as they are published. It is a service which collects all of this information together for you to view as soon as it is published. Here is my bloglines account with all of the podcasts and blogs I subscribe to:

Open bloglines and eggdeutsch (1. Right click. 2. Open Link in New Window)
  1. In the top right hand side of Bloglines click on register
  2. Fill in your details and click on register.
  3. Go to your e-mail account and click on the link to activate your account.
  4. In Bloglines click on My Feeds (first tab on left hand side).
  5. Click on add.
  6. Open eggdeutsch in a new window. Under blog and podcast feeds at the top of the page- right click on either podcast mp3 logo or batman. Copy shortcut.
# Go back to bloglines and paste (right click, paste) this 'RSS feed' into the box on the add page. Click on subscribe. On the next page scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on subscribe again.
  1. To view the new posts and podcasts click on eggdeutsch in the side bar. You can listen to the podcasts on Bloglines- click on the sound player in each podcast post or the blue mp3 link. Or you can go straight to the post by clicking on the blue title and listening on the blog.
  2. These mp3 files can also be saved to your computer (right click- save link as- save). Useful if you want to save the listening to use in class or to add to your VLE.

  1. Open BBC News podcasts .
  2. Choose the podcast you are most interested in. Click on the white box.
  3. The URL is now in the address bar of your browser. Copy and paste into bloglines to subscribe.

FINISHED??? Look at the MFL specific podcasts Podcasts for Educators- MFL or The Education Podcast Network and try to subscribe to these using your bloglines account. Find the RSS feed and copy it into the subscribe box on bloglines.