1. Click on ASSIGNMENT: Podcast (Right click to open in new window)

2. In the blue bar across the top of the page click on Recording

3. Listen to tutorial 3- recording with a USB microphone which will explain how to record. (NB- we are not using a USB microphone however recording will be the same)

4. Open Audacity (Start/ Programmes/Audacity).Record your podcast. Edit.

5. Save your podcast in My Documents. File/ Save As. Give your podcast a name.

6. In Audacity- click on file/export as MP3. Save this MP3 file in your documents too.

Finished? Look at the folowing links for further insight into Podcasting.

Podcasting Links
Podcasting for Teachers
Online Learning Studio: Course on Educational Podcasting

If you download your own version of Audacity to your computer, you will need Lame encoder to convert your podcasts to MP3:

Click here. (Open this in a new window)

Click on Click here to go to the download of lame_enc.dll

Click on Download lame_enc.dll

Click on open Right click the file lame_enc.dll

Copy and save in your documents. Record your own podcast